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This appartment in Corso Porta Ticinese, with linear styles and strong graphics, withholds the valued of the owners private art collection. Two black vast steel slates separate the livingroom from the kitchen and create a chromatic contrast with the light wood flooring. The wide living room showcases, on one end the dining room with a marble dining table and Tina chiars from Nori Studio, and on the opposite end in the relax area you can find the Ugo couch of Design Republic, with it´s soft shapes in contrast with stiffness of the surrounding objects from Nori Studio. The bathroom beholds a dark petrol blue tone, that enhances the Nemo Lighting lamp, recall to the moon. Even the iron mirrored ceiling supermirror contributes in creating a clubbing atmosphere in juxtaposition to the rest of the apartment. The secluded spaces behold clear lines and neutral tones that contribute to the reserved ambiance where time seems to slow down.